Leading Innovations – Always one Step Ahead

Since the invention of ArmaFlex, the first flexible technical insulation material that revolutionised the market in the 1950s, the company has maintained and fostered this pioneering spirit, and has established a strong culture of innovation in all business activities.

Armacell has lead the industry to higher and higher standards by continuously optimising its products, implementing new, cutting edge technologies and developing innovative, cost-efficient solutions for specific demands. In addition to strengthening its position as a technology leader in the technical insulation materials market, Armacell has successfully tapped into new fields of business, such as manufacturing and marketing foam plastics for a wide variety of applications.

Armacell operates four R&D centres around the globe. While process technology and material formula R&D is centralised in Münster, Germany, Armacell’s research units in Mebane, North Carolina, USA, Thimister-Clermont, Belgium, and Guangzhou, China, focus on product R&D.
The company holds more than 500 active patents in approximately 60 patent families.


Unique Combination of Technical Expertise, Market Knowledge and Creativity

As recent examples, Armacell introduced ArmaFlex Ultima in 2012/2013 in Europe, the first low-smoke flexible insulation, specifically designed for HVAC applications for residential and non-residential buildings. In 2014, Armacell launched AP Spiralflex in the US, a new pre-laminated fibre-free duct liner insulation for spiral ducts. AP Spiralflex has an easy-to-cut, flexible backing that is pre-laminated to foam and is engineered to provide simplified installation, attenuate HVAC noise and reduce energy loss. Areas of application include schools and universities, healthcare facilities and other institutions, as well as commercial spaces.

Armacell’s research and development capabilities and long-standing industry experience ensure complex formula composition, high quality products and a steadily growing product portfolio for specific demands in both established markets and in new business fields. The company aims to launch at least one new product in each region every year in order to support the company’s growth. 


Growing Market Need for Innovative Insulation Solutions

The company plans to continue improving key characteristics of its various products, such as acoustic performance, fire resistance and smoke emissions. Given the growing interest in energy efficient building materials and the latest stringent guidelines on resistance to fire and smoke generation, Armacell plans to place increasing emphasis on research and development as well as product innovation to develop a wider range of environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.

We have only just begun to recognise the potential of flexible foams, and there are still many undiscovered business opportunities.

Pioneering Innovations from the Inventor of Flexible Technical Insulation:

2018: ArmaGel
Next generation flexible aerogel blanket ArmaGel HT – optimised for high temperature applications up to 650 °C at a fraction of the thickness
2015: Armacell Acoustic Solutions
New acoustic product line includes ArmaSeal® and ArmaBlok™ to reduce noise and vibration in construction and transportation applications
2015: DuoSolar 220
Armacell’s pre-insulated twin-pipe system for evacuated tube collectors
2015: New ArmaFix pipe support made by Armacell
Now with environment-friendly, lightweight PET core
2014: Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu
Corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost efficient
2013: System Accessories
ArmaFlex SF990 adhesive: solvent-free adhesive for installing elastomeric insulation materials in compliance with the stricter standards of green building schemes
2012: Maximum Safety
ArmaFlex Ultima with extremely low smoke density (BLs1, d0) for greater fire safety; ArmaFlex Rail SD: the first flexible, closed-cell insulation material with integrated fire protection for railway vehicles (Hazard Level 2)
2010: For Healthy Indoor Air
ArmaFlex with antimicrobial Microban®technology provides added active protection against harmful microbes, such as bacteria and mould.
Ice-cold: ArmaFlex Cryogenic Systems remain flexible, even at temperatures down to -180°C
2009: Bendable
AP Coilflex: extremely pliable elastomeric foam for lining air ducts
2008: Award-winning
ArmaFlex Protect, the highly flexible system for sealing pipe penetrations, wins the ISO Award
2005: Forward-looking
ArmaSound Industrial Systems, thermal-acoustic insulation and flexible covering in one system, minimises the risk of corrosion
2004: Silencing
ArmaSound: new acoustic insulation materials with excellent noise absorption properties across a broad frequency range
Micro-cells: a much finer cell structure makes the technical properties of AF/ArmaFlex even better.
2003: Seaworthy
Arma-Chek R, an extremely robust, rubber-based covering system, minimises the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
2002: 2-in-1 – No. 3
ArmaFlex SPLIT: pre-insulated pipes for connecting the internal and external components of split and multi-split air-conditioners
2001: 2-in-1 – No. 2
ArmaFlex Solar: pre-insulated pipe system for thermal solar applications, later as a twin pipe system with patented join-split technology
2000: 2-in 1 – No.1
Arma-Chek D and S: flexible pre-covered insulation systems allow significant savings in the installation process
1996: Groundbreaking
NH/ArmaFlex: the first halogen-free, elastomeric-based pipe insulation; HT/ArmaFlex: temperature-resistant up to 150°C
1994: Tough
The Arma-Chek flexible covering system for extreme conditions in the oil and gas industry.
Even faster and simpler: self-adhesive ArmaFlex tubes make the installation process even easier, especially in retrofit applications
1993: System Solution
The ArmaFlex pipe support ensures a reliable insulation system, even in the sensitive pipe-bracket area.
1980: Energy-saving
SH/ArmaFlex: an insulation foam specially developed for heating and plumbing applications
1978: Specific
Previously supplied as one product, the material is diversified with AF/ArmaFlex and the B1 product FC/ArmaFlex
1970: Versatile
ArmaFlex is used to insulate refrigeration, air conditioning, plumbing and heating systems and industrial installations
1957: Full of Potential
ArmaFlex sheets are added to the range
1954: Revolutionary
Highly flexible ArmaFlex is invented in the US