Engineered Foams

The Engineered Foams business develops light foams for use in a wide range of end markets such as the automotive, industrial and wind energy. The Engineered Foams business addresses the needs of a number of markets and applications where weight and robustness are of critical importance. For example:

  • Within the energy sector, the group primarily sells its products for use in wind turbine equipment and applications related to the production or transformation of energy.
  • In the automotive industry Armacell’s products are primarily used for water shields and gaskets for water proofing and shock absorption.
  • In the sports and leisure market, applications are primarily used in connection with parts or components that require impact cushioning, flotation properties or lightness (such as flotation devices, wrestling mats and helmet paddings).
  • In the building and construction market, the group offers solutions that are primarily used in light-weight construction, such as prefabricated light structures for terraces or pedestrian bridges.
  • For transportation end markets, products primarily include light insulating materials with thermal and acoustic properties used in composite panels in trains, trucks and trailers.
  • In addition, the group supplies products for other applications and end markets, such as turfs and floor underlays.

In order to meet the wide range of national standards, different products are offered in the different market regions.  For product information, please choose your country from the list below.