Advanced Insulation

The Advanced Insulation business develops flexible insulation foam products for the insulation of mechanical equipment in markets where energy distribution is required, such as in commercial and residential construction, industrial applications, and the oil and gas industry.

The main end markets and applications for the group’s Advanced Insulation businesses include:

  • Equipment  for commercial construction is the group’s largest sector and primarily comprises non-residential buildings (such as hospitals, hotels and offices), where the group’s insulation products are primarily applied to HVAC ducts and systems.
  • Equipment for residential construction includes residential buildings where insulation products are primarily applied to heating and plumbing equipment and small HVAC ducts and systems.
  • Light and heavy industry includes the use of insulation products in plants and technical engineering facilities, primarily for refrigeration, HVAC ducts and systems, coolants distribution, and steam transportation equipment.
  • Transportation includes products that are mainly used for duct systems in trains and ships.

In order to meet the wide range of national standards, different products are offered in different market regions. For product information, please choose your country from the list below.