Your Career with Armacell


The Armacell Group employs approx. 3,054 people in 24 factories in 16 countries. Our employees share a common set of core values:

  • Customer experience
  • Commitment
  • Empowerment and Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability

Safety: The Highest Priority

The Safety of our people is the company´s top priority and is anchored in our corporate values. We have created a safe working environment, which we continue to sustain and we expect staff at every level of the company to make this goal an integral part of their everyday work. Throughout our organisation every employee is required to participate safety training specially tailored to their working environment. Systematic implementation of safe practices and behavior is driven through our World Class Armacell Mindset programme, which is currently being rolled out at our plants around the world. 

Employee Communication

Armacell maintains a regular flow of communication with its employees: monthly team meetings, regular individual reviews with managers, newsletters and the CEO's quarterly management telephone conferences are just a few of the activities aimed at fostering active dialogue.

Employee Survey

To receive direct feedback from all our employees worldwide and evaluate their level of commitment, we conduct an employee survey every 18 months. This enables our management to make Armacell an even more powerful company.
In 2017, over 90% of staff provided their opinion in this anonymous global online survey. Our people gave us their individual input on a variety of topics. Based on their responses, we take steps to contribute to a better and more stimulating work environment for our employees. Following the 2017 survey, more than 350 initiatives have been planned worldwide.

ArmaWay Awards

The ArmaWay Awards are designed to recognise our employees' contribution to Armacell’s success. These annual team awards shine the spotlight on special projects from across the world that support our ArmaWay and have had an impact on one of the four ArmaWay categories:

  • Appreciate Our Customers
  • Raise Our Efficiency
  • Manage Our Cash
  • Act to Empower Our Employees

Armacell Achievement Awards

These Awards are designed to recognise and reward outstanding individual or team performance as well as accomplishments that support and drive the organisation forward in its mission and vision. 
These awards are handed out in three categories :

  • Initiative Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Global President's Award