We celebrate the “International Women’s Day” 2016. Interview with Lisa Liu, our Operations Controller at Armacell APAC

Lisa Liu. Operations Controller at Armacell APAC

Armacell: Lisa, thank you for this interview at the occasion of the “International Women’s Day” 2016. We would like to celebrate this special day and tell the story of your career within Armacell. At the start, please describe your career path in the company and tell us a little bit about your daily business.

Lisa L.: I started in 1996 as the credit controller in the Finance department. During 2001 and 2012 I held quite a few new positions within Armacell ranging from Senior Analysis charge of G/L Capex Reporting, Inventory management and, and SAP Key User to Costing and Controlling Manager. In January 2015 I took over the role as Operations Controller, Armacell APAC and relocated to Singapore. I love working with the highest mindset as a business partner, therefore I like to make the best out of each chance of cost deduction and contribute to business development. My daily business consists of managing and controlling business cases analysis, production action plan, inventory and business process etc. across APAC entities in order to find any chance for manufacturing cost saving and realize them as the contribution to EBIDTA.

Armacell: Your career path sounds amazing. Could you tell us about an exciting project which you recently took part in and which you enjoyed? What was it about?

Lisa L.: Yes, I have one favorite project which just finished in January 2016. It can bring the benefit for all of the Armacell plants whether they use AIMS or not. It regards the Material variance breakdown into density, scrap, tolerance and recipe change report in AIMS, with the purpose to fully utilize the AIMS and make it perfect. With AIMS as the production data recorder, we hope it can be the best production cost analysis tool and the most powerful database of our worldwide improvement program “Worldclass Armacell Mindset” (WAM) in the future.

Armacell: As a woman, what do you like about working for Armacell and what motivates you at work?

Lisa L.:

Armacell shows very fair career development chances for women and for their career paths within the company.

We have an excellent management team which encourages us to grow and which recognizes and the values of each individual. Personally, I changed myself from impatient to good patient, respect to others. I aim to work happily and with a strong mindset as a business partner.

Armacell: You have one daughter who is 13 years old. How do you manage career and family?

Lisa L.: My work is important for me and so is my family. I believe that the most important issue is to stay in balance. I live in Singapore with my husband and daughter, I enjoy the working and hard working in Armacell, both me and my husband like playing badminton as the usual exercise and also arrange the family vacation regularly. 


Armacell: Great answers. Thank you very much for your time and spontaneity. It has been great talking to you. Happy Women’s Day and all the best for the future!

Lisa L.: Thank you for telling the story. I hope young women will feel inspired. Happy Women’s Day!