Employee Story Monique Boer – “I love assisting my colleagues with the preparation for WAM SME Audits as much as helping them to share their knowledge with other colleagues.”


Monique was born in the Netherlands and has been living in Herzebrock-Clarholz, not far from Muenster, Germany for just over five years now: In 2010 she joined Armacell as Supply Chain Specialist, soon after also added COO support and – as Marketing is her study background – switched to EMEA Marketing Department in 2012. Now Monique is WAM Sales & Marketing Manager and hence managed to achieve her dream job.

As WAM Sales & Marketing Manager Monique coordinates worldwide implementation of the WAM Sales & Marketing Excellence program (WAM SME). She develops WAM tool training material and collects “Good Practice Lessons” in Sales & Marketing. Her goal is to help her colleagues share their expertise with each other:

I consider the “Good Practice Lessons” an excellent opportunity to share specific knowledge and tools. At the moment, the colleagues can already revert to 17 intern and 16 extern GPLs. They are available via SharePoint WAM SME.

Furthermore, Monique is the major contact for any questions and support regarding the WAM SME Program. On request she assists her colleagues by giving training or audit support for the WAM SME program.

“I like it to be a bridge builder between people, departments and institutions. That’s why I love assisting my colleagues with successfully implementing the WAM SME program as much as helping them to share their knowledge with other colleagues and increase their professional knowledge.”
Monique is convinced that professional growth can be reached by enough challenge and support. Her position as WAM Sales & Marketing Manager allows her to work according to this principle.

“If you are supported by your colleagues, your superior and your company, you can meet challenges successfully and develop yourself and the company further. Together with my colleagues I detect potentials to eliminate business losses and find solutions for these detected challenges. I believe that with this solution-driven way to work – with the Worldclass Armacell Mindset – Armacell has the potential to achieve topline growth and set the highest possible standard for the industry.”

In her free time Monique is a bridge builder as well: As vice chairman of the twin city partnership Herzebrock-Clarholz, Steenwijkerland and Chambon.Feugerolles she maintains the intercultural relationship between Dutch, German and French cities.