Sarah Rehberg – “I appreciate the possibility to work on various topics. What my job does not offer is standstill.”


Sarah works with Armacell since 2012 when she started as an intern at the Corporate Department for People and Organizational Development. After her internship she worked on her Master’s Thesis about Leadership Development supported by Petra Fleige and worked as HR Specialist for Corporate People and Organizational Development. In February 2016 she took over worldwide responsibility for WAM People Development. Therefore she knows about the importance of an organization’s people.

"What I like about Armacell is the great hands-on-mentality: Everybody has the opportunity to contribute one’s part to the company."

In her job, Sarah focusses on different projects mainly. That’s what she likes most about her job at Armacell: “I appreciate the possibility to work on various topics. I continuously think about different issues from different angles, take up multiple challenges and support a constant development. What my job does not offer is standstill.”

Sarah’s favorite project so far has been the development and launch of the global Annual Performance & Development Review in 2013.

“I liked to develop the reviews. This was the first project that I experienced from its very beginning until the final phase of the project. It was very challenging to design a productive and useful structure for the reviews, which at the same time fits the needs of all our colleagues around the world. We successfully took care of the different departments and positions as well as of the different languagesand cultural needs from our colleagues around the world.”

What she wants to continue further on is working successfully on exciting topics and with that helping Armacell to progress. “I wish the company while they continue to grow staying  the Armacell family that it is today.”