Employee Story Eike Block – “I bring together the quality and the process staff and support them in producing a world-class product.”

WAM Corporate: WAM Quality & Process Control Pillar Leader

In the company I worked before, I did a quite similar job but on a local level. Since I’ve been working at Armacell, I am surrounded by many different nationalities.

Eike has been working as WAM Coordinator for a little more than one and a half years now.  What he enjoys most about working at Armacell is the colorful and international set-up of both his team and his job.

"My colleagues in the Corporate Team are Italian, Spanish, American and Dutch. And they do not only have diverse origins but also come from many different disciplines and have been working at Armacell for different periods of time."

It is not only the set-up of his WAM team that is very international.  As Quality and Process Control Pillar Leader, Eike travels from plant to plant and trains the colleagues in order to achieve and ensure the same Armacell standards all around the world. Participants from different plants come together and learn to know each other and from one another during their training sessions. “That means I bring together the quality and the process staff to enable them to produce a world-class product.”

“Sometimes we recognize that the colleagues from one plant are already working with exemplary tools or methods. With such “Good Practice Lessons” they can help their colleagues from another plant. Speaking of helping each other, one incident comes to mind.  When I travelled to China and my luggage got lost on the way, my colleagues from Suzhou and Panyu helped me very nicely with their team polo shirts.”

When Eike comes back to his office in Muenster, he analyzes results and prepares the next training sessions. “That makes 50 % working time in Muenster and 50% training with the colleagues around the world. Of course moving around this much brings along great opportunities for me, too. Armacell not only is a constantly growing company that provides a long-term perspective but also offers many chances to develop personally.”