André Roesmann – “At Armacell I Have The Opportunity To Develop My Personal And Professional Profile”


There are many things I like about working at Armacell: Most importantly, Armacell offers flexible career paths that allow its employees to further develop their personal strengths and to gain expertise in different sectors of the company.

André’s career is the best example for an impressive professional development at Armacell. He is a trained laboratory chemist, who first joined Armacell as a student intern at the R&D department in 2006. After his graduation in 2008, André was offered a position as Assistant Manager Mixing and Compounding. “Here I gained profound knowledge on our manufacturing processes and experienced what you can achieve when working hand-in-hand with a good team”. André supported the Mixing Department for four years and then moved to the Global Process Technology Department. 

Working in an international context was a great challenge and chance for me. I have always appreciated working with colleagues from different cultural and language backgrounds.

That’s why I was pleased to join the Chinese Team in Panyu as Process Technology Manager for APAC in 2014. I now live in Panyu, China. I am in charge of improving and establishing production processes in six plants in Asia. Currently, our biggest project is the implementation of a mixer control system in Panyu, which will start operating next year.”

“At Armacell, we highly value team spirit. In the last 2-3 years Armacell has put a lot of effort into improving its employees’ company commitment. Lately our new Global Communication Portal facilitates to move closer together, on a national and international level. I wish Armacell to continue its development into the established direction.”