Kunal Saxena – “You can contribute a lot to the company, if you are keen to learn and develop.”


Kunal joined Armacell in October 2007 as Area Sales Manager for the UAE market. Back then he was located in Dubai and had moved to Armacell from an Air Handling Unit Company, which meant for Kunal to start a job in a completely new business:

"When I started to work at Armacell I had to deal with a completely new product and working type. Our office in Dubai was a small one with only me and another colleague."

So I learned very fast and very much about multiple business areas, like the Oil and Gas Industry, the Acoustic and the Thermal Sector. It was a challenging and busy time but also very exciting.

Almost a year and a half later, Kunal took over the position as Technical Manager-Middle East until June 2010. Afterwards he relocated to Armacell India and worked as Product Manager Acoustic Insulation for two and a half years. Now Kunal is Vertical Head for the Pharmaceutical HVAC sector since 2013 and handles business responsibility for his segment for India and the South Asia market.

In his position as ‘National Manager-Pharma’, Kunal is responsible for all four pharmaceutical sectors: Formulation, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Research & Development and Labs & Biotechnology. His daily business consists of meeting up with pharma clients, consultants and contractors for creating demand for Armacell products.

“Since I have been working as National Manager for Pharma, I am responsible for a market that is different from the one I worked at before. I have worked in many different functions & different geographies within the company. That shows, that you can contribute a lot to the company, if you are keen to learn and develop.”