Employee Story Michael Brenneis


Michael joined the Armacell Marketing Team in Chapell Hill, NC in December 2015 as Marketing Communication Specialist. He coordinates trade show events and updates on the web. In his free time Mike likes to travel, enjoys mountain biking with friends and crafting furniture in his woodshop.

Armacell: Mike, it’s not been so long since you started with Armacell – How was your start?
Michael: As a new employee I was excited to find an employer that supported my career direction. Armacell’s offer transitioned me to move from Ohio to North Carolina and it has been a wonderful milestone in my life. My first day at Armacell was a well-organized day of events with a great information flow. I met many key individuals, who direct and manage Armacell’s Americas operations. I was also given the opportunity to take a plant tour at the Mebane facility in NC.

Armacell: What have you done before you joined Armacell?
Michael: Before I started working with Armacell I held a Marketing Research position for a pharmaceutical data management company. I studied marketing management and have a BSBA from Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio.

Armacell: How would you describe your new job so far?
Michael: I already got an impression of how efficient and collaborated communication is both internally and externally on a global scale. I feel this company adds value to employees: Workers are given responsibilities that allow them to lead. We can really make a difference here. All the people I’ve meet have been helpful and knowledgeable. They don’t mind taking a few minutes out of their day if you have questions. My favorite project so far was the AP ArmaFlex product lineup. The good thing about this project was that it gave me an understanding of the organization and the entire product lineup.

Armacell: What do you wish Armacell for the future?
Michael: I would like to see Armacell grow as the market dominator, innovator and leader in environment sustainability.