Nadezhda Churakova – “People Are My Job And Also My Passion”


Nadezhda joined Armacell in 2014 as HR Manager. Previously, she has been working as HR Manager in different international companies. Nadezhda is now managing our new  site in Russia.

I remember my start at Armacell very clearly, because I got the warmest welcome from my new team in Russia!

"Of course, all the other colleagues worldwide made sure I had a pleasant start within the company. That’s also what I really enjoy about working at Armacell: Being a member of a cooperative and strong team with which I can tackle challenging tasks, work successfully and achieve ambitiousgoals".

Nadezhda’s biggest project is the production start-up of the plant in Russia. Apart from that, Nadezhda has to make sure Armacell has the right people in the right place at the right time in order to help Armacell to further develop and to become even more efficient. That means that Nadezhda’s daily tasks are interviewing and recruiting candidates as well as dealing with compensation and benefits, consulting her colleagues and dealing with all sorts of HR-related issues.

"People are my job and also my passion, in both private and professional life. I am convinced that personalities make each company unique and also make my profession as an HR Manager special. I strongly believe that it is the people who work for a company who determine the company’s business success. And that’s what I wish Armacell for the future: Success and prosperity, made possible by every single of my colleagues".