Employee Story Birgit Heller– “Sharing our knowledge and talking about our current projects helps a lot – because it is an exchange of experience.”


Birgit has been part of the Armacell family for more than two years now.

I am a nature lover. That’s why I wish Armacell to continue developing new sustainable products. I’m looking forward to a future with many new innovations of ecological value.

After studying pharmacy and chemistry at the University of Muenster Birgit worked with a pharmaceutical company. In 2014, she started with Armacell Personal Services and dealt with mechanical product tests. In June 2014 Birgit applied for her current position as Analytical Specialist for Product Testing. She got the job and with that started her dream position:

“After four months of collecting experience with mechanical product testing, I am happy to spend time in the laboratory again. I have the chance to get to know new testing methods in our very well equipped laboratories. For example, I learned a lot about the thermo gravimetric analysis.”

Besides, Birgit develops totally new testing methods. “This is awesome, because you don’t learn much about methodology development at the university. And even if I work on my projects independently, I have the possibility to work closely together with my colleagues.We share our knowledge and talk about our current projects.This cooperation helps a lot – because it is an exchange of experience.”

One of Birgit’s current projects is developing a new method to define components of finished products and using this method to analyze different products.

Besides her enthusiasm for science, Birgit dedicates herself to horses. As a riding instructor she spends much of her free time in the riding-stable.