Applicant Profile

Recruitment at Armacell

Recruitment at our group is managed locally by each country. Every region defines the strategy that is the most appropriate for their needs and their cultural environment.

At Armacell, we hire every employee with the long-term in mind. And even though our recruitment process is organised locally, working for Armacell means being committed to the future of the group as a whole. Our recruitment process ensures that we have the talents we need to ensure our growth and our future. The process also enables you to define your motivation and what you can bring to the company to help it achieve its aims.

Wherever you submit your application to Armacell, the recruitment process is always based on the same principles. Make sure that you have the skills and expertise required for the position and that you agree to the following value:

  • Customer Experience
  • Commitment
  • Empowerment and Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability

We expect our employees to demonstrate five key core competences to perform their job:

  • Expertise and Armacell process competence
  • Social behaviour
  • Personal competence
  • Result orientation
  • Leadership behaviour (for employees with leadership responsibilites)

Your potential, your goals, and both your professional and interpersonal qualities are the things that determine your future at our company.