Our Values - How we think, work and behave

Dedicated and professional employees are Armacell's greatest asset. Common values anchored in corporate culture provide important orientation and a sound basis for business success in an increasingly complex global environment.

These values describe expected conduct at Armacell and what we believe in. They form a sound basis for working together with colleagues, business partners and the general public. They apply to all business fields, markets and countries in which Armacell operates.

We are committed to the following corporate values:


Customer Experience

We create a positive customer-focused culture. Customers value the Armacell experience and continuous business relationship.



We are committed to developing and motivating our people, nurturing their talents and developing new skills. We build strong teams to support our company’s performance.The safety of our employees is the company’s top priority.


Empowerment and Accountability

We give our employees operational responsibility and expect them to develop and perform to the best of their talents. The basis for interaction between employees is mutual respect and trust.



Our employees must be aware of and comply with rules and regulations, wherever in the world they are working. Still, integrity goes even deeper than that. It is about doing the right things in the right way, as individuals and as a company. Ethical and responsible conduct is fundamental to the way we do business. Armacell is a company that can be trusted.



We are focused on sustainable, profitable growth through the development and manufacturing of our products to ensure a positive impact on our community. We contribute to sustainable growth by innovating in safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions.



Our Code of Conduct - Armacell

Based on our company values Armacell established a Code of Conduct. It is valid throughout the Armacell Group and provides a benchmark against which all business activities must be evaluated.

The Armacell Code of Conduct describes how our values are put into practice. It defines the rules for our daily work both internally and externally. Each individual is personally responsible for doing the right thing: for behaving legally and honestly towards all stakeholders and for putting the company’s interests before his or her personal interests.