Our History

In 1954, the pioneering company invented ArmaFlex, the first flexible insulation product. In doing so, it established a new branch of industry – flexible technical insulation – that it has been shaping ever since. ArmaFlex is now the world’s best-known brand for flexible technical insulation and the brand name has become a synonym for flexible foam insulation in the building materials industry. Customers include building and equipment operators and specifiers from various sectors as well as installers and end customers all over the world.

Founded in 2000 following a management buyout, Armacell has successfully developed from a small division of Armstrong World Industries in Münster/Westfalia, Germany, to a global player. In recent years, the company has invented innovative insulation systems for the oil and gas industry, foam cores for composite materials and extremely low-smoke products. As a technology leader, the company has set new industry standards and opened up new end markets.

The history of Armacell since 2000

2018Armacell acquires Guarto – a manufacturer of acoustic insulation solutions
2018Armacell acquires TB Concept – the Canadian innovator of Insuguard pipe support solutions
2018Armacell acquires De Xu – a Chinese manufacturer of elastomeric insulation foams
2018Armacell and KÖPP announce Partnership for Excellence
2018Armacell launches next generation aerogel blanket
2017Armacell acquires Danmat, a leading provider in manufacturing and selling technical insulation products in the Scandinavian region
2017Armacell acquires Insulation Business of Nomaco, a leading US manufacturer of extruded polyethylene (PE) insulation foams
2016Armacell establishes joint venture together with JIOS Aerogel Ltd. for the development and manufacturing of silica aerogel blankets: Armacell Jios Aerogels Ltd (“AJA”)
2016Armacell acquires PoliPex, a leading Brazilian manufacturer of extruded PE insulation foams
2015The investment firms Blackstone and KIRKBI A/S buy Armacell
2015Armacell acquires business of Industrial Thermo Polymers Limited (ITP), a leading Canadian manufacturer of extruded polyethylene insulation products strengthening of market position in polyethylene insulation foams in North America
2015Armacell aquires OneFlex, a leading Turkish insulation materials manufacturer and expands its footprint across the growth regions of Middle East, Africa and Southeastern Europe
2014Armacell strengthens its commitment in Korea by taking over Armatech, a leading supplier of technical insulation materials for the HVAC/R industry
2013The British investment company Charterhouse Capital Partners becomes new financial partner and owner of Armacell
2012Armacell launches ArmaFlex Ultima, the first flexible technical insulation material with extremely low smoke density
2012Armacell further strengthens its presence in Asia by opening a new insulation plant in Cheonan in South Korea
2009Armacell is the first manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials in the world to present a life-cycle analysis: installing ArmaFlex products saves 140 times more energy than is used in their manufacture, transport and disposal
2008Together with the Saudi Arabian construction products manufacturer Zamil Industries, Armacell opens a new plant in Dammam to supply the entire Middle East region
2007The financial investor Investcorp International Ltd becomes Armacell’s financial partner and owner
2006Armacell opens production facilities in Pune, India
2005Armacell enters into distribution agreement with Norwegian insulation manufacturer Glava A/S and acquires Glavaflex production equipment
2005Armacell acquires Fagerda Benelux S.A., a company specialized in the development of thermoplastic foams
2005Armacell takes over Monarch Rubber, a producer of technical foams in the US
2004Armacell acquires three production facilities from RBX Industries Inc., a manufacturer of closed-cell plastic foams and custom-mixed rubber compounds in North America
2003Armacell opens new plant in Pindamonhangaba, near São Paulo, Brazil
2003Armacell opens a second plant in China, extending its production capacities and strengthening its position in South-East Asia
2001Armacell takes over Thai P.S. Insuflex, a leading Thai company in the field of technical insulation, reflecting the growing significance of the Asian market
2000Armacell is founded as a management buyout, emerging from the successful insulation products division of Armstrong World Industries. The company, which is headquartered in Münster, Germany, takes over the rights to all Armstrong insulation materials

History of the insulation division of Armstrong World Industries

1991A central development centre is built in Münster, Germany
1967To meet the heavily increased demand for ArmaFlex, new production facilities are opened in Münster, Germany
1960Armstrong World Industries opens the Armstrong Kork GmbH in Münster, Germany. The factory for floorings is the company’s first in Europe
1954The flexible insulation material ArmaFlex is presented in the USA and later in Europe, too
1899Armstrong World Industries produces the first cork insulation sheets made of ground cork, clay and bitumen
1860Thomas M. Armstrong founds a workshop to produce bottle corks in Pittsburgh, USA